End of year 2009

Two accomplishments to add here before the end of the year.  First I had a very successful show and sound design at the Edinburgh International Festival.  The show was “Peter & Wendy” and the lead actress Karen Kandel won the award “Best Performer Edinburgh International Festival 2009″.  The show was a big hit, got 5 star reviews, and got standing ovations every night.

Next I must add the quick tour to Moscow.  Was there for 8 days with another show I sound designed for Mabou Mines, this time it was “Dollhouse”.  It was also very well received over there.  Moscow is a very different place.  I had been to Eastern Europe before and thought I knew what I was in for. I did not expect it to be so different from what I expected!

This past year, professionally, has been successful and fulfilling.  It is ending quietly and I am gathering my strength for the coming year.

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